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THC-a Crystalline – White Rabbit 1g



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Product Description

THC-A Crystalline is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that tests at 98.2% total active cannabinoids prior to heating. When heat is applied the THC-A converts to 97% pure THC.


THCA is the original, natural form of THC, in the fresh live plant – always raw. It does not get you high.


THCA turns into (D9)THC when it is heated (during smoking or processing). THC does get you high.


For comparison of purity, high-quality buds contain around 20% THCA. Hash, keif, and rosin contain around 40%-75% THCA. Most oil (shatter, wax, live resin, etc.) is 50%-80% THC if heat processed, or 50%-80 THCA if cold processed.

Why does all this matter – why is White Rabbit better?


Concentrates eliminate the cellulose and some or all of the chlorophyll, but most still contain some plant waxes, which can still make you cough. Some contain terpenes and some do not, depending on how they were processed (the terpenes potentially have some benefits, & other drawbacks- see below). Further, if you aren’t vaporizing, you are inhaling toxic by-products of high heat combustion – smoke. This does not happen with THCA in its pure powder form.


THC 97% CBD 0.00% CBN 0.00%

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